Dairy Frost
25 years of memories
 DF anniversary
JULY 18 from 11-1
Click on Link Above to download a Memories page to fill out and decorate for the anniversary! 

Celebrating 25 years of soft-serve ice cream in Broadalbin, NY
Owned and operated by Ed and Betsy Lamberton 

Dairy Frost is located at the corner of Routes 29 and 30

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School-year hours:  1:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Summer hours:  1:00 PM - 9:30 PM

(all times are approximate)

Our Homemade Soft Serve Flavors -- Made Fresh Daily!

                                                Everyday: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Twist

                                                Monday: Banana

                                                Tuesday: Coffee

                                                Wednesday: Orange Pineapple

                                                Thursday: Pistachio

                                                Friday: Lemon

                                                Weekend Flavors: Strawberry, Raspberry,

                                                     or Black Raspberry (rotating selection)

We also have:

Two daily flavors of soft serve yogurt

No-fat, no-sugar (!!) soft-serve (chocolate, vanilla, and twist)

Daily soft-serve flavor of Dole Whip (lactose free).

Try any of our soft serve flavors in combination with

something from our extensive sundae bar, or in a Flurry!

Homemade Italian ices and sherbets available on a seasonal basis

Soda, water, milkshakes, and Slushies also available

Would you like sprinkles with that?


Dip-Top, sprinkles, and sugar cones can make your order extra special!


Uncle Ed, as his nieces and nephews know him, is the fellow who keeps

the dip cabinet full of goodies. So when spring rolled around and Aunt Betsy

had to make signs for the windows the name

UNCLE ED’S was a natural and it stuck.

Uncle Ed’s Homemade Ices and Sherbets are made either early in the

morning or late at night after closing. Uncle Ed prepares your favorite

delights with only the finest ingredients and carefully blends them, in small

batches, to ensure they are at peak flavor for your eating enjoyment.

Ed, always a busy guy, makes the ice cream, yogurt, and Dole flavors,

whipped cream and keeps the Sundae Bar full.

In his guise as Captain Cool Cookie(yes, he has a Captain Cool Cookie shirt)

he even makes the ice cream sandwiches fresh for you, too.

Over the last 25 years Ed has been dubbed many things: (some of them

repeatable) FrostEd, Fearless Leader, My Hero, Speed, Captain Cool Cookie,

THE BOSS, Fast Eddie, and Frosty, but most importantly

Uncle Ed is Mr. Quality Assurance.

Make sure you say “Hi” to him as he serves up your favorite confections.